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Perio Protect offers patients a practical, versatile, and comfortable way to treat gum disease. With advanced, custom-made Perio Trays, we can speed up the healing process and complement other similar treatments. At Quimson Dental Care, we offer the highest-quality Perio Protect gum treatment in San Francisco. Under our watchful eye, we’ll use advanced tools, medical-grade technology, and an excellent team to restore your gums to perfect health. 


What is Perio Protect? 

Perio Protect is a revolutionary treatment for gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, affects millions of Americans yearly. At Quimson Dental Care, we believe that nobody should suffer from an infection that is both preventable and curable. After all, gum disease can cause tooth loss, bleeding, bone decay, and more severe issues. Perio Protect offers a simple, elegant solution to this complex problem. 


How Does Perio Protect Work? 

Perio Protect uses “Perio Trays” to gently apply medication under the gums. Similar to Invisalign, Perio Trays are custom-molded to your teeth. You’ll take home our Perio Protect package, which includes Perio Trays and hydrogen peroxide. To apply treatment, follow these four steps: 

  • Apply Hydrogen Peroxide. You’ll apply a thin string of hydrogen peroxide- also known as Peroi Gel- across teeth/gum indentations. You may use a Q-tip to spread the gel around as needed. 
  • Tray Placement. Place the tray into your mouth in a way that covers all your teeth and fully seals it in place. They should feel comfortable and snug. 
  • Wear for 10-15 Minutes. Feel free to watch some Netflix, clean the house, or fold laundry. For best results, we recommend patients use Perio Trays once a day. 
  • Removal and Rinsing. After 10-15 minutes, remove the trays. You’ll brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and wash out your Perio Trays. Place the trays back in their respective container until tomorrow. 

Note for Perio Protect: Perio Trays, gels, and treatment do not replace good oral practices. It’s a supportive treatment alongside regular brushing, flossing, and other hygiene aids. While highly beneficial for teeth and gums, take care not to swallow the hydrogen peroxide.


Who is a Good Candidate for Perio Protect?

It depends. Firstly, Perio Protect isn’t a cure-all-be-all preventative measure. We often use Perio Trays to reduce the need for surgical intervention, encourage healing, and complement other treatments such as root scaling, root planing, or gum flap surgery. We’ll consult you throughout the process and determine if you are a good candidate for Perio Protect treatment. 


Does Perio Protect Therapy Cause Pain? 

No. Perio Protect offers you an at-home solution to an in-mouth problem. We custom-build each Perio Protect Tray to match your teeth precisely, comfortably, and effectively. The hydrogen peroxide solution inside the trays won’t cause pain or discomfort.


Why Choose Perio Protect?

Perio Trays offer a host of benefits worth consideration: 

  • It’s Highly Effective. The Perio Protect Method attacks gum disease at the source. By directly applying hydrogen peroxide over the gums and teeth, we eliminate bacteria that cause infection. This reduction of bacteria cuts off the root cause of disease and helps curb inflammation. 
  • Minimally Invasive. Perio Trays are custom-made and give you the most comfortable treatment possible. Treatment requires no significant sacrifice or time investment. Use Perio Trays while reading a book or walking a dog. 
  • Whiten Teeth. While teeth whitening might not be the overarching goal, it’s a nice cherry. The healing peroxide gel not only eliminates harmful bacteria, but it’s also the same active ingredient in many cosmetic procedures. 


Perio Protect Gum Treatment in San Francisco 

Perio Protect offers a unique solution for an age-old problem. According to the CDC, 46% of all Americans over 30 struggle with gum disease in some form. With at-home Perio Trays, we can make treatment more accessible and practical. Dr. Noreen Quimson and our hygienist experts offer a patient-centric approach and the highest standards of dental treatment.

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